New Car Repair Garage and Dwelling, Norfolk

My client had purchased a car repair garage that had been built on the side of a house, in a mainly residential area. The business was on a large plot but the proximity of the house to the garage meant that neither worked well ; for example the garage was sandwiched between the house and MOT bay.

We were commissioned to re-design the site so that the business (garage) could be separated from the dwelling, making the house more private and the new purpose built garage far more efficient. We were able to achieve get what he wanted in the end, which wasn’t easy as the planning authority and local residents had misgivings about the proposed changes.

Garden Centre Cafe Extension

Extensions and alterations to bungalow to create a Cafe within a garden centre.

A one and a half storey Bungalow, within a Garden Centre, was converted into a new Cafe, with the first floor converted into a flat. Due to the expansion of the garden Centre our Client needed a larger catering offering. Planning permission was obtained for the change of use from a bungalow to a cafe, with a 2 bedroom flat created on the first floor. Conservatory and Orangery style extensions were added to the front/side of the Bungalow to create a large open plan cafe seating area overlooking the garden center. We also opted to keep many of the original bungalow features to add character to the interior of the cafe.