Build – 8 Barn conversions, West Norfolk

Whilst working for JS Hay Building Contractors I was the site manager for this project in West Norfolk. With a mixture of brickwork/flint and cladded walls both inside and out and the varying levels (incline) across the site, this was a complex project to work on. Rather than installing individual heating to each barn, there was a single ground source heat pump installed to serve all 8 barns, and this was when heat pumps were just starting out in the UK .

Barn Conversion

Design & Building Regulations – Barn Conversion, North Norfolk

A Single storey 2 bedroom barn conversion in North Norfolk. Planning permission and Building Regulations approval were approved on this barn conversion. The internal walls/vaulted roof were lined with insulation above that required by building regulations so as to achieve a high thermal efficiency for the barn; minimising the loss of heat and therefore the amount of heating required during the winter months. Using Triple glazed windows is a further step that could also be taken to reduce the heat loss from the barn/house.

Design – Non Traditional (Class Q)  Barn Conversion, Norfolk

Under Class q permitted development rights, the conversion of non-standard construction barn can be converted into a dwelling(s) without the need for planning permission. Similar to the permitted development rights for an extensions to your own home; these rights permit these metal frame/industrial looking barns to be converted into dwellings…as long as a number of conditions are met. For instance the restrictions say the building must be structurally sound and therefore able to be converted, rather than merely knocking it down a re-building. The footprint of the building must not exceed the existing footprint and the height/eaves cannot be raised.

There are a great many of these barns that could potentially be converted into 1,2 or 3 dwellings, but each Local Authority interprets the legislation differently. This means it is key to liaise with the planning authority at the earliest opportunity to determine their take on legislation.

These large open plan barns do offer the opportunity to create a contemporary design , incorporating a large amount of glazing and the opportunity to create adhoc floor plans.